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Rebecca Vincent, Shepherds cottage

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Rebecca explains that her art is "for people who respond to the natural world and want to bring some of the outdoors, indoors, to appreciate it every day. I’ve developed a unique landscape style that combines rich colours, detailed textures and powerful compositions that will have a big impact in your home.
Drawing upon memories and impressions of the English landscape, I transform what I see to bring you the essence of what we love about the world around us. Each element of the land – fields, hills, trees, flowers and coast – finds its ideal form and place within my pictures.
Printmaking is my passion and a constant source of experimentation and invention. It requires discipline, patience and courage to achieve the highest standards. My two-plate etchings are intricate with up to 17 colours in each one. The monotypes are like paintings: they are unique, worked in layers of translucent ink. Even after all these years I still find it exciting every time I pull a print from the press."

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