Art and Picture Cleaning & Restoration

Fine Art Restoration, Painting Restorer and Picture Cleaning throughout Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire and Oxfordshire, we offer expert advice and complete services from light surface cleaning to complete restoration of fine paintings.
We can also repair old picture frames, and also offer a mirror re-silvering service, where it is possible to replace the silver in older mirrors

Whether an item has sentimental value only, or it is an expensive and high value item, we can work accordingly, providing added value through bringing paintings back to their best. With skilled and experienced restorers, we are confident of the very best results.


  • Picture cleaning and restoration of easel paintings and cleaning of works on paper (brown spots or 'foxing').
  • Whether a light clean of atmospheric polutants and contaminates from the surface of an oil painting, or a full re-line of a weak or torn canvas; we can help!
  • Torn or ripped canvasses can be either patch-repaired (small holes) or completely restored through full re-lining of the canvas.
  • Paint surfaces cleaned and if required, repaired and restored.
  • Frame cleaning and renovation.
  • Varnish removed and reapplied
  • Foxing lightened or removed from old etchings, prints and watercolours


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